3 Ways to Eliminate Mistakes That Cost You

Written by Jobba Trade Technologies on May 23, 2019

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Elmer's glue to seal your TPO? I don’t think so... so why use the wrong tools to manage your business?

Surprisingly, many contractors still rely on time-consuming manual procedures and antiquated systems that are inefficient and fraught with potential for human error. Misspellings, wrong addresses, wrong amounts - not only can these errors frustrate your customers, they can end up costing you big time.

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Going to the Western Roofing Expo?

Written by Jobba Trade Technologies on May 20, 2019

Topics:  News  |  Jobba Trade Technologies

June 9 - 11 | Las Vegas, NV

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What Would You Do With 40% More Service Revenue? Hear Seamus Cazeault’s Experience

Written by Jobba Trade Technologies on May 02, 2019

Topics:  Testimonials  |  FCS Users

Believe it or not, you may be missing out on service revenue every single day.

This could be for many reasons – new inspection or service inquiries are falling through the cracks or maybe your sales team is wasting time on manual processes and communications.

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FCS April 2019 Release Notes

Written by Jobba Trade Technologies on May 01, 2019

Topics:  Products  |  Jobba Trade Technologies  |  Release Notes

Spring is here - and you know what that means! More time on the roof! We've made more improvements and fixes to the FCS system to support you while you're up there. Check out the highlights below.

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